Fishing in arctic Norway

by Vreni vom Berg, 26 May 2017
Five friends trying to learn the art of fishing - kind of. Every day touring in the Lyngen Alps ended with a fishing orgy. A few refreshing cold beers, something salty to nibble on, to rest and enjoy the view over the Fjords of Lyngen, in arctic Norway.
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Elbrus and his handsome brother Ushba

by Vreni vom Berg, 20 May 2017
The highest peak of Europe Elbrus 5.642m and tiny wee little me. Who would have thought that? Step by step I was making my way up Elbrus while I look shy to Ushba. The small handsome brother of Elbrus...
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Chamonix again

by Vreni vom Berg, 19 May 2017
A year ago these mountains bewitched me. The spell wouldn't let go of me for one year I was thinking about these granite peaks, glaciers and steep couloirs. So I went back with my friends.
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Mountain Portraits

by Vreni vom Berg, 21 Feb 2017
An ongoing collection of my most favorite mountain buddies!
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Until Rebirth

by Vreni vom Berg, 18 Feb 2017
Forget everything you know about Nepal. Was the one lesson I learned in Nepal. This series I shot in a famous Hindu temple. As you entered one is greeted by the elderlies, who whole heartily bless you. They are there to die. All by themselves, no more family or relatives to take care of them - they are dependent on donations. No donations no food. The temple is their last place of shelter until rebirth.
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Bergzeit Alpin Camp with Ortovox

by Vreni vom Berg, 12 Feb 2017
Am zweiten Februar Wochenende durfte ich mit Bergzeit Alpin Camp, Ortovox und Alpinschule Augsburg drei Tage lang spielen gehen. Am ersten Tag haben wir uns noch förmlich die Hand geschüttelt. Nach der letzten Tour sind wir uns umarmt und angestrahlt. Dazwischen liegen drei Tage Snowporn vom Feinsten! Bis zum nächsten Abenteuer!
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