by Vreni vom Berg, 02 Jan 2018

A legend is back! 

A few years ago, when life consisted of studying, skiing and climbing in Innsbruck and money was a little short, I decided to sell a big bunch of my sports gear at an annual sports flea market. There is only so many sweaters, jackets and skis one can wear and use, right? Next to me little stand (in all honesty it was more like an explosion of clothes and gear) was a couple. Obviously they were there for the same reasons, but also sold very unusual poles. They were very colorful and bright. Completely different to anything I had ever seen before. We started chatting. Soon enough we were laughing. And ended up drinking far too many beers later on.

Sweetsticks - a good looking couple!

Is the name of the company. It is owned and run by Julian&Sandra - one of the best looking and funniest couples I know. They started of with their poles, but things were a little rocky. All self employed, freelancers know what I am talking about. They gave themselves one last try: Stocknagel.

Stocknagel - a legend is back

A Stocknagel is a little badge for ones hiking pole. A Stock used to be a wooden hiking stick (nowadays some sort of metal) and Nagel is a nail. Back in the day one could buy them at the hut. They got nailed with tiny nails onto your pole. Your wooden hiking pole became a testament and reminder of all the adventures one endeavoured. 

Sweetsticks aka Sandra&Julian decided to reinvent them. First of all they had to find a glue that would stick to the pole no matter what the weather is doing. Check. Than they designed a few traditional badge. Check. Followed by a few very fun and different designs. Check. Lastly they do custom badges in different quantities. Check! 

Sweetsticks & Vreni vom Berg

This summer they asked me very nicely if I could do a few photos for their Social Media. How could I ever say no to them? This photos are the result. 

Follow them on Social Media, give them a like and send them a lovely comment. They work their a*** of. And maybe you may even want to design your own Stocknagel for a special event...