Vreni vom Berg

John Muir once wrote: „The mountains are calling and I must follow.“ The mountains aren’t calling, they are screaming! Born and raised in Lech am Arlberg - snow and mountains are engraved in her DNA. So her father, a very keen skier, thought. Her first ever Christmas present was a pair of skis. At six months old. Needless to say how keen of a skier her father was.
Although once proclaiming that skiing is „too slippery“, it was only once, it became part of her being. Literally following her father’s excitement for skiing, her love for the sport has become a passion. If not an obsession.

Travelling the world skiing and mountaineering has been the mountainous lifestyle she has chosen and adores after studying and living in cities. The physical, but even more so mental challenges are an ever-evolving source of growth and fascination.

„In the mountains, I feel most comfortable. They are my roots. My happy place. My home.“ - Vreni vom Berg

This little blog of mine it a collection of photos and stories of my travels.

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The mountains aren’t calling, they are screaming