Vreni vom Berg

Cosmopolitan hippie Heidi with an insane obsession for mountains and adventure.

John Muir one wrote: „The mountains are calling and I must follow.“ The mountains aren't calling, they are screaming!

The Arlberg, one of the best ski resorts in the world, is my home. This of course is my non biased subjective opinion. The mountains have been my unequaled mentor. They have taught me self-confidence and humility, joy and fear, grounded me and pushed my boundaries, but the most important lesson was passion and love for all the things I do in life.

This might evoke the image of an unworldly Hippie-Heidi. Wearing a Dirndl, having flowers plaited into my hair, dancing through the mountains while hugging trees. Although, I have to admit, hugging trees actually feels quite good. And there are worse thing than having flowers plaited into my hair and dancing in a Dirndl (traditional Austrian dress).

The point, that I am trying to make, is that living in and with nature has been a conscious decision. I have worked and lived in big cities. Enjoyed amenities, but it never felt right. 

In mountains I feel the most comfortable. That is where my roots are, where I fell content and happy.

This little blog of mine shows you photos from my travels and playtime in the mountains, but also a few texts about the lessons learned.

It is lovely to meet you!

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The mountains aren’t calling, they are screaming