Bergurlaub in der Zillertal Arena

von Vreni vom Berg, 16 Feb. 2018

The oppressed desire to play in mountains screamed: YES - DO IT! Yes, to five days of skiing and mischievous fun at the Zillertal Arena and a rather luxurious stay at the Stadl Lofts. 

Day1 | Umtata Umtata Welcome!

After work, hectic pack packing and a few hours on the road I arrived at the Stadl Lofts. My bed is usually a mat and sleeping bag on the floor, a not so clean corner or a car, but this time... over 300square meters of luxury welcomed me including beer tap, sauna and wine cabinet, which I declared secretly to be mine. For the next five days I would share this stunning chalet with seven other bloggers from all over Europe. Just to make this whole experience a little more surreal the traditional Zillertal Kapelle welcomed us with "Dem Land Tirol die Treue" followed by Fondue and Schnaps. What a welcome!

Day2 | Skiing and a little girls dream comes true

After many years I have done something I haven't done in years: skiing on the slopes for a whole day! Very exciting indeed. Cruising along, a light back pack, enjoying a coffee and a little bit of sunshine - delightful. We skied through the whole Arena and back: Hochkrimml, Krimml, Königsleiten, Gerlos and almost all the way to Zell am Ziller. Along the way there are Champion Stations where I could appease my unhealthy competition thirst. As the sun was setting and all of us snuggled around the fire place, they called us outside for a surprise. Two piste groomers (also known as Pisten Bullys) were awaiting us for a sunset ride to the top of Plattenkogel! A little girls dream came true! Franz was Anuk's and mine driver. For more than 30years he has been doing it and the cockpit looks more like a space shuttle. They even have a scanner that tells them how deep the snow is. High-tech on high mountains.

Day3 | Second day, happy day!

This day I dedicated to explore the mountains a little more. Along the foot of them you find little villages nestled into the sides of the valley. If you look up and around the 3.000m peaks you may find yourself getting lost in the view. As it ought to be that is exactly what happened. After catching a few buses and a little walk half way around the mountain I made it back to the Stadl Lofts just in time for the torch hike to Duxeralm. We played the nail game, had a few drinks and got spoilt rotten with a delicious dinner. However, no way home late at night through winter woods and full moon is complete with a proper snow fight. There were only a few bruises and little cuts. Nothing major. 

Day4 | Morning Glory, bottles of Champagne and a blue full moon

We started the day as we finished it with Champagne. Once again the spoiling just wouldn't stop: Sunrise Breakfast at 2.039m! Early in the morning Alex and I ventured out to the top of Plattenkogel. It was misty, grey and a surprisingly warm morning. After a few hundred meters of altitude gain the clouds parted and while the first light illuminated the sky we reached the peak. A set breakfast table waiting for all of us including a bottle of champagne and a breath taking sunrise. 

After another day of sun and fun, we met at the Dorfbahn in Königsleiten. At the top station, up on the terrace, champagne was poured while we watched the sun set and a blue full moon rise. Just as the cold creeped into our shoes and hands, the restaurant opened its doors for a four course menu complemented with marvelous wine. With a warm tummy and red wine cheeks we skied under the full moon all the way to Gerlos. If you are thinking of a holiday in Zillertal this is a MUST DO!

Day5 | We are going to die! 

Pulling the curtains aside uncovered my most favorite view: snowfall! We headed out to Gerlosstein for snow tubing and tobogganing. There is one thing you need to know about me: I have never ever in my life sat on a wooden Rodel. To ease me into it we went on a seven km long track. What could possibly go wrong? I think Annemerel's video is proof enough that we escaped our ends by a hair's breadth. For the record I flew of the sledge and we were the very last ones. Actually we were so far behind that people would take us over. 

Time to say good-bye

Every fibre of me hates good-byes. After five days, spending 24 hours with everyone we all scatter to the four winds. Stadl Lofts not only have you given us a place to stay, but a place that feels like home. Thank you for your caring kindness and good laughs. Zillertal Arena this did not feel like a job. You introduced me to an incredible bunch of human beings and showed me why you love these mountains so much. A thank you is not a enough!

Please check out the other humans. They take amazing photos, run long distances and are just overall rad! 

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